Chappaquiddick Island, commonly known as Chappy, is a small island off the eastern end of Martha's Vineyard. Most of its beaches are accessible by 4-wheel drive. The great thing about Chappy is that it has so many great fishing spots, and so many different types of water – big surf on the South side, the rips at Wasque Point, inlet fishing at the Gut and Tom’s Neck,  the cusps and bowls of East beach, and two large saltwater ponds in Pocha and Cape Poge.

In term of species, the bluefish and striped bass show up in early May. Bluefish attack your lure, and once they are hooked, jump wildly out of the water. Striped Bass range in size between 5 to 50lbs, and are pure power. Just when you think that you have them landed, their powerful tail turns right at your feet and the fight continues down the beach.

In the fall, two species of small tuna, atlantic bonito and false albacore, we call them "bones" and "albies" respectively,  join the fun. Chappy is one of the few places in the world where you can catch  these speedsters in numbers.  If you have never experienced the explosive takes, smokin' drag, and unbelievable runs of these hard tails, you really need to book a trip in September. . Click on this link for a great article on catching albies.

Cam O'Connell


Cam grew up surrounded by the Vineyard fishing culture during his summers here. Spurred by his own experience with Fish Chappy as a teenager, he dove head first into surfcasting mainly on Chappaquiddick but later all across the island. While he is not on the Vineyard, Cam attends the University of Oregon and studies Marine Biology.


Peter is an avid fisherman who has traveled to some of the best fishing spots in the world and believes that Chappy is one of the best destinations. It would be his pleasure to show you the beauty of Chappy and get you into fishing the beach.

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