If you are a novice fisherman, Fish Chappy will teach you the basic skills to get started. 
  • All fishing gear (excluding waders and Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Licenses)
  • Over-sand transportation
  • If you are on Chappy, will pick you up.  If not, will pick you up on the Chappy-side of the Chappy Ferry.
  • Beverages and snacks.
  • Focused on Catch & Release but will filet any legal fish you want to keep.
Chappaquiddick Island, commonly known as Chappy, is a small island off the eastern end of Martha's Vineyard. Most of its beaches are accessible by 4-wheel drive.   

The great thing about Chappy is the variety of fishing spots – big Atlantic surf on the South side, the rips at Wasque Point, inlet fishing at the Gut and Tom’s Neck, the cusps and bowls of East beach, and two large saltwater ponds in Pocha and Cape Poge.
  • The proper knot to tie
  • How to surf cast
  • What type of lures to use
  • How to read the water
Fish Chappy will bring you to some of their "secret spots."

"Catching fish and having some laughs - no better combo to fish with"

Chris, an avid Derby angler

Novice To ExPErienced Angler

Fishing Spots

If you are an experienced angler (saltwater fly fishing or surfcasting), Fish Chappy will show you all of the best tides and spots on the island.

What we Provide

Fish Chappy is all about having fun and creating memories.

A shore fishing guide service Located on ChappaquiDDiCK Island, MarthA's Vineyard

Fish Chappy...Catch Memories